@RodelDE and Delaware PTA cozy up to shape school board elections. #netDE

I received a copy of the Delaware PTA’s survey instrument that they are sending to candidates. I will post it here:

In their own document they attempt to pass Voices4Delaware Education off as a non-partisan group. By the definition of Democrat and Republican this may be an accurate statement….but on the issues, it’s just a crass lie.  Just dig a bit deeper. Not even too far.

Voices for Delaware Education is a front for the Rodel Foundation and aligned with the failing Vision 2015 effort.  Here is proof:




just look at question 7:

Are you familiar with The Vision Network? If so how do you see their role in public education? Are you open to community assistance with closing the achievement gap such as Innovative Schools and Edison Learning? Please elaborate.

Wow,calling Innovative Schools and Edison learning “community assistance” is beyond the pale and reflects the ignorance of the Delaware PTA. And buying in that achievement gap closure is the best strategy to improve our schools when there is almost no evidence this is true……This questionnaire is misguided and clearly partisan to a particular side of the issue. While it is their right, I have to wonder if this is the role the DE PTA should be playing, acting as a mouthpiece for educational reform based on anecdotes, half truths and lies….or should they stick to helping parents navigate the very system they seem to be actively assisting to become dysfunctional and poorer performing due to their misguided advocacy.

Why is the DE PTA president publicly supportive of this reform effort? Does she have access to research that it works?

Awful questionnaire, the DE PTA needs to get out of their DOE/Governor/Rodel bubble and get some fresh air.


9 thoughts on “@RodelDE and Delaware PTA cozy up to shape school board elections. #netDE

  1. Anon

    Mixed feelings on this for a number of reasons and conflicts of interest. 🙂 However – I would certainly love to see the results published!!!

    FYI I also received, I suppose as a PTA board member – a parent leadership survey yesterday from some statewide PTA leadership chairs. I balked at filling it out because not only was it insanely long (I do surveys in my work as well) but I was a bit offended with the awareness that at least one of the co-chairs was a Rodel policy analyst who is quite young and certainly not a parent or any sort of expert in my view…and that took me aback. And seemed sloppy compared to what I expect from Rodel, which IMO is solid even if it does promote a mixed bag of good and misguided.

    1. John Young


      I appreciate your mixed feelings on this. As usual, a blog post is designed to act as a primmer to thoughtful discussion. This one is no different…..

  2. RCEA

    Red Clay Education Association
    4135 Ogletown Road, Newark, DE 19702

    School Board Elections Candidate Questions

    1. What are some examples of what Red Clay School District is doing well? What are some achievements we can celebrate?

    2. What are some areas in which Red Clay School District could do better?

    3. How would you go about finding out more about our schools and our classroom programs?

    4. How would you work with other board members to forge meaningful relationships with all constituents and employee groups?

    5. What can a school board member do to help make important decisions? Discuss the decision making process you would recommend.

    6. Red Clay has charter schools, and in your opinion, what is the role of charter schools in our district, and how do they impact traditional public schools? Additionally, what are your thoughts about the admissions policies in these schools?

    7. The public is concerned about perceived and real differences among our schools – the haves and the have nots – With the knowledge that RTTT money is going away in two years, how could the board help ensure that all students have access to the resources necessary for success? What additional resources, if any, would need to be in place?

    8.Several Red Clay schools have been identified as low performing as measured by the state standardized testing program and are in the process of restructuring. What responsibilities does the board share in this situation?

    9. Whose responsibility is it to ensure that board members are informed about what is going on in the district? What steps do you feel should be put in place to help the district maintain transparency for staff and community?

    10. How can RCEA (Red Clay Education Association) and RCPA (Red Clay Para-professional Association) help you as a board member?

    Other important issues include
    • Graduation rates and dropout rates
    • Achievement gaps
    • Employee Contract Negotiations – the role of the Board
    • Board’s Legislative Agenda
    • Vision 2015
    • Student testing

  3. annienorthstar@gmail.com

    Apparently this is the year for attacking good candidates and good board members. Thank
    you John for setting the record straight. It was always my feeling that PTA’s should beabout the children – Parent Teachers Association – now we have a Red Clay has been running around with selling an agenda, Someone needs to look into this bias leader a little further. Rodel supporter = PTA, shameful exhibition but not surprising, they also got into the act of supporting a principal hiring at a board meeting last year, before the name even came to the floor. Oh well, sleep tight, birds of a feather flock together. Read the questions
    cannot understand why they are different…..bad smell….

  4. Magic_J

    Candidates of all nominating districts please post your survey. Let’s see how the question all differ from candidate to candidate.

    1. John Young

      I personally they all send in this survey with a robust: No thank you! What a crock of crap this is.

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