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There are a few doozies in here. Many just spitting out drone like responses cooked up by the reformers: Achievement Gap, growth, zip code, compete (which ensures winners and losers) etc etc
Best two answers are from Principal El of Thomas Edison Charter!
Jack’s answer good too.

Leading Delaware Banker and Education “philathropist” apparently still has unrepaid troubled assets (TARP) issues…. #WSFS

 Treasury Department Announces Intent to Sell Preferred Positions in Public Dutch Auctions


WASHINGTON – As part of its ongoing efforts to explore options for the management and ultimate recovery of its remaining Capital Purchase Program (CPP) investments under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced its intention to sell several preferred stock CPP investments.  Treasury intends to conduct public auctions to sell its preferred stock positions in the following six banks:
  • Banner Corporation, Walla Walla, WA (“Banner”)
  • First Financial Holdings Inc., Charleston, SC (“First Financial”)
  • MainSource Financial Group, Inc., Greensburg, IN (“MainSource”)
  • Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida, Stuart, FL (“Seacoast”)
  • Wilshire Bancorp, Inc., Los Angeles, CA (“Wilshire”)
  • WSFS Financial Corporation, Wilmington, DE (“WSFS”)
TARP’s bank programs have already earned a significant profit for taxpayers. To date, Treasury has recovered $259 billion from TARP’s bank programs through repayments, dividends, interest, and other income – compared to the $245 billion initially invested.  Treasury has remaining outstanding CPP investments in 361 banks.

Treasury expects to conduct the auctions, which will be registered public offerings, on or about March 26, 2012.  These offerings will be executed using a modified Dutch auction methodology that establishes a market price by allowing investors to submit bids at specified increments similar to the process Treasury has used to auction warrants. More detailed guidance for the auctions will be available in prospectuses that will be filed by the issuers of the preferred stock prior to the opening of each auction. 

Houlihan Lokey Capital, Inc. is serving as financial advisor to Treasury with respect to the management and disposition of its CPP investments.  Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (“Merrill Lynch”) and Sandler O’Neill + Partners, L.P. (“Sandler O’Neill”) have been retained as the auction agents and joint bookrunning managers for the offering of the preferred stock of Banner, MainSource, Seacoast, Wilshire and WSFS.  Merrill Lynch has been retained as the auction agent and sole bookrunning manager for the offering of the preferred stock of First Financial. 
If investors do not have an account with Merrill Lynch and/or Sandler O’Neill, as applicable, they may be able to participate in the auction through their own brokers, as a network of several dozen brokerage firms will be invited to aggregate suitable client orders and submit them to the applicable auction agent(s) and bookrunner(s).  
Prospective investors will be able to obtain copies of the prospectuses relating to these securities, when available, from Merrill Lynch via email at or (800) 294-1322 or from Sandler O’Neill via email at or (866) 805-4128.

Dr. Lowery revises history regarding Glasgow High School teacher controversy. #netDE

conveniently ignoring the internal pressure to remove school leadership and directly claiming that DOE WORKED with teachers to create process that they then objected to……not how it went down.

This is commonly referred to as lying.

at 25:48

In case you missed it: DE Sec. Ed. in Wash. DC at panel discussion today. #CFAP #PLCsAREgreat

“One of the things that we did, that really fostered collaboration in a most POSITIVE way …and we’re getting ENORMOUSLY positive feedback about…. is to put in data coaches and development coaches……”- Dr. Lillian Lowery at 21:48 of this video…..

PLCs are A-OK…….LOL! Now that’s a good one…..

It just don’t get no better….

Sunshine and Rainbows….. a lesson in ignoring what’s right in your face and under your nose….if you’d bother to look.

From the inbox…..

From: <<>>

Date: March 26, 2012 2:11:34 PM EDT

Subject: Message from Secretary Lowery


This is an exciting time in Delaware. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan joined Governor Markell and me Friday in Wilmington to meet with educators (how many active classroom teachers were there?) and partners (WSFS, Rodel and Innovative schools?) to discuss our efforts to improve education across the state.


March marks the two-year anniversary of when Delaware ranked first in the federal grant competition, winning $119 million over four years to implement aggressive reforms to raise student achievement. Like bullying local administrators? or deploying Data Coaches to be ignored and ridiculed by teachers across the state?  The Secretary came to have open and candid conversations in a roundtable setting. Open? Why wait invite only? Come on, this is the least genuine statement in this missive. He wanted to hear about our progress from those leading the work on the ground. He also wanted to hear about the challenges we foresee ahead. Really? His sound bites were platitude ridden afterwards…. In addition to state leadership and key private sector partners, he met with superintendents, school board presidents and local union presidents representing districts throughout the state as well as representatives from the Delaware Charter School Network. How’d that go? Crickets or gut wrenching truth?


Let me share with you some of what the Secretary said to state and local leaders.


Duncan praised Delaware’s education reform movement as one of the most ambitious, coherent and durable in the country and credited the state for building its reform on a platform of broad support. Keep beating that drum, keep ignoring the honest dissent.


But the Secretary also was clear he knows this work has not and will not be easy, noting challenges we have faced as we have worked to implement reforms and acknowledging that more challenges likely are ahead for us – especially as we implement student growth data into our evaluation system.


But through it all, he emphasized that we must not let challenges throw us off course.


He reinforced what we have heard before but must keep reminding ourselves: The nation is watching. Not really, but if it makes you feel better keep saying it because if you say it over and over then it must be true! What we learn here will teach much about what can be done across the nation.  Secretary Duncan thanked those in attendance, and I promised him I would pass on his message to every teacher in every classroom for leading the way. We’ll let him know you got his job done!


So on his behalf and on my own, thank you. Thank you for not just standing by us but for often charging forward ahead of us as we implement what can be difficult and unnerving reforms. Code for teacher evaluation? or PZ? or Data Coaches? or no extra teachers in classrooms? Change isn’t easy. We know we won’t always get everything right the first time. Or at this rate seemingly just won’t get it right at all. But we will learn from our mistakes, this I will pay extra to see! and we won’t let them dead-end us. We will work through our challenges the way we do it in Delaware, together. Together, now there’s a word Governor Markell and the DOE definitely need help with…….


In gratitude,


Lillian M. Lowery

Secretary of Education