Finishing 2011 strong: Nearly 83,000 hits on Transparent Christina. #netDE

For a niche blog about a niche, albeit important issue, we beat our goal for the year. Here’s how I laid it out last year:

Last year TC set an ambitious goal of 35,000 hits and the loyal readers rose to the occasion and helped break that goal with a final total of 38,095 hits by year end. Who knows what is in store for 2011, but with the Partnership Zone, insane Federal intrusion, and the ever reliable editors at the News Journal, it should be quite a year! Lets go get to the new finish line: 65,000 hits by 12/31/2011!!!!!

So we smashed 65K by almost 18K. Lets go for 120K hits by 12/31/12!!!!!!! All the same reasons apply……LOL.

Thanks to all my loyal readers!!!!! Together we got it done!