Jim Palmer left the DOE… Peter Shulman leaving DOE in November….2 CHIEF OFFICERS! #netDE

Both held high ranking DOE positions created by RTTT grant money!  Uh Oh………who saw this crap coming……not looking to dig into every detail, but the patchwork quilt stitched together by DOE by way of Mr. Cruce’s explanation sure leaves me wondering if DE taxpayers and school staff and students are getting an effective return on our reform dollars….surely a few buck could be spared to pay CSD back for the DOE selection blunder over Bayard…..

Information is based on Recording of State Board of Education meeting: HERE beginning at 1:09:00


Jim Palmer
Chief Officer of the Delivery Unit
The Delivery Unit assists each work group within the Department of Education and each District and Charter school in the utilization of good project management and program management discipline to ensure the implementation of all their respective projects. The Delivery Unit will work with each team to ensure their projects are aligned with the highest needs within the schools as defined by the data available to the DOE and LEAs. Each team’s projects need to be aligned to student achievement goals. The Delivery Unit will work with each DOE and LEA team to ensure that each project meets its milestones and, when successfully implemented, brings the planned improvements in student achievement.
Over the last 10 years Jim has been a project manager for 3 Fortune 250 companies. Jim has been trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt. Jim also obtained a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute. Jim has also taught the Six Sigma process improvement methodology to over 150 people with positions ranging from office clerical staff to PhDs. Jim has acted as the Coach / Mentor for over 75 of these 150 trainees helping them develop and manage their projects using the Six Sigma tools they learned in class.

Peter Shulman
Chief Officer of the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit
Peter Shulman serves as the Chief Officer within the Delaware Department of Education’s Teacher & Leader Effectiveness Unit. In this role, Peter is tasked with leading the human capital reform strategy outlined in Delaware’s winning Race To The Top application. By working closely with Superintendents and Principals throughout the state, Peter will help ensure that initiatives are implemented in a manner that is addressing the unique needs of Delaware’s schools. Prior to coming to Delaware, Peter served as an Administrative Director within Miami-Dade County Public School’s Human Resources division, focusing primarily on the recruitment, placement and retention of instructional employees. Peter is a graduate of the Broad Residency in Urban Education and holds a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan


2 thoughts on “Jim Palmer left the DOE… Peter Shulman leaving DOE in November….2 CHIEF OFFICERS! #netDE

  1. kilroysdelaware

    I wonder when Jack Markell is going to show courage and address the capacity-gap in the DEDOE Charter School Office? Markell is willing to closed bad charter schools but refuses to fire bad DEDOE managers.

  2. stop the insanity

    Neither candidate had 1 once of experience actually running a school. This administration stays away from any person who has had to make tough educational decisions or been saddled with the ever growing beauracracy that they love to create.

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