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President Obama on Back-to-School: “Set Your Sights High” | ED.gov Blog

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UPDATE! TC prediction: NJ Editiorial board busy crafting puff piece in complete support of seeking waivers… #netDE

will undoubtedly call the move good for schools and teachers while making no mention of onerous conditions to get the waiver because it is already aligned with Delaware’s “world beating, number one scoring” RTTT plan……

anyone wanna wager on this, I’m giving 10-1 odds and Monday’s edition as the deadline…..


Right on schedule…..


NCLB reprieve is worth celebrating

10:54 PM, Sep. 25, 2011  |  

Last week, the Red Clay School Board made its customary rational decision about overcrowding at a few of the district’s elementary schools.

The board shut down the choice option for students from other districts, students of parents who consider those particular schools their child’s best option for a quality education.

These are the kind of tough decisions that will become more and more necessary in the current education reform mind-set around the nation.

And it is a timely issue, considering the high-stakes reform efforts going on here in Delaware.

In fact, Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery ended the same week with President Obama and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan for the overdue announcement of new flexibility in the No Child Left Behind Act.

Teachers feel pressured to narrow the curriculum and teach to the test, and some states have lowered their standards to avoid penalties under the law, Mr. Obama said.

But his sweeping plan is not without conditions. To pursue their own school improvement agendas, states still have to meet certain federal standards, which won’t include any reprieve from accountability and higher standards.

That makes sense, because flexibility in higher standards remains true to the original NCLB Act that former Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., co-authored.

And by the time he left office in 2010, Mr. Castle had acknowledged the need for some self-correction if the goals of measurable reforms were to be realized.

Indeed, having the breathing room to localize the delivery of education is the best way to bring some immediacy to closing achievement gaps and improving teacher morale.

“This vision for innovative and aggressive reform — backed by stringent accountability — is in line with the work already under way in Delaware,” Lowery said.

Let’s hope so, not only for our students’ sake, but for the sake of districts like Red Clay that have become many parents’ only go-to options for an education that measures up to what their children will face in the coming decade.