Feds audit RTTT efforts, confusion and delay reign!

UDSOE has a secret website an refused to share with states that did not win the grant……these are taxpayer dollars Arne, who do you think you are?  Oh yeah, a czar who answers to no one….

From page 27 of the report:

We provided a draft of this report to the Secretary of Education for review and comment. Education’s comments are reproduced in appendix IV.Education agreed that it should facilitate information sharing among grantee states on topics that the department has not yet addressed, and the department said it will do so beginning in August 2011. However, while the department agreed that sharing information with non grantees is important, it did not agree that non grantees should have access to the secure grantee Web site or the communities of practice. As noted in its response, the department believes grantees should have more time to work together on common problems before providing access to specific information-sharing mechanisms to other states. Education also noted that it plans to make the resources and lessons learned from grantee states available to all states at some point in the future. We maintain that non grantee states that are implementing reforms similar to those funded by RTT could benefit from the discussions grantees have and related documents they may develop. However, we modified our recommendation to acknowledge that Education can provide information from the Web site and communities of practice to non grantees without necessarily giving them direct access to those mechanisms.

Recommendations for Executive Action Agency Comments and Our Evaluation

Education said that it does not believe that the rate at which states are drawing down their grant funds is a reliable indicator of progress.However, we continue to believe that the relatively low amount of funds drawn down at this point is a result of challenges states have experienced to date. We highlight this issue to acknowledge the implications of—and provide context for—some of the challenges faced by grantee states as they implement the largest competitive grant program that Education has administered.