Community Crossfire with Norman Oliver: 2/13/11

Tonight I appeared on Community Crossfire on Comcast channel 28 with Norman Oliver. I was asked about several issues and at one point made a comment that “Governor Markell is bad for education”

I just want everyone who reads this to know: I meant every word of it.

Governor Markell has sold Delaware out to common core standards and has bought into corporate school reform which has at its core completely unproven methods to fix schools. He has given us a bunch of trumped up, poorly attended roadshows to suggest that there is widespread support for Race to the Top when in fact there is just plain ignorance on Race to the Top. The bankers and billionaires have control of the message and Gov. Markell appears to be the messenger. To top off a “successful” 2010 for Gov. Markell, he is now proposing a 10% slash to transportation for schools and is also recommending the elimination of funding for bus routes deemed to be “unique hazards” in his 2011 budget proposal.

The Christina School District is actively seeking to make the Partnership Zone a wild success under the leadership of Dr. Lillian Lowery, but make no mistake about this: the Governor’s support for failing ideas to fix failing schools will make this work very very hard in my opinion.

I would also like to add that I ardently believe that Gov. Markell cares very deeply about children, has honest and good intentions about whether or not students in DE do get a meaningful, useful, modern and thorough education. I just do not see the answers to the questions that need to be answered about how to do that having any real research base or any demonstrable efficacy.

So, unfortunately from where I sit: Governor Markell is bad for education in Delaware.


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  1. That is why they had Merv along to sell the message when they needed you to wring the spin from it and take it where it needs to go.

    That seems to be what CSD is doing. Best of luck. I enjoyed the show last night.

  2. In addition to the NYT story today (Linked below on the RTTT post) talking about the achievement gap and the biggest disadvantage in low income homes (low availability of books and low #s of parents reading to children far into the elementary years) is not the racist Bell Curve assumption that the gap is due to a genetic inferiority, here is TFA founder hawking her new book:

    Teach for America Founder Wendy Kopp on Lessons Learned
    The founder of Teach for America talks about charter schools, Waiting for Superman, and what makes a great teacher.

    Knopp seems to have just discovered what the professor in the article above has been talking about: the false assumption that parents in low income areas just don’t care.

  3. kilroysdelaware

    Sure Wendy Kopp CEO of TFA aka Mrs Richard Barth CEO of KIPP will talk up charter schools! Talk about a double dipper !!!!!

    Go John Young! Markell did sell out our teachers, students, community and public schools. There was no collaboration with the community or parents on Common Core Standard or Race to The Top. The public town hall meeting where held after the deals were signed.

    I hope the GOP rips Obama’s budget to shreds and end AmeirCorp and funding for Teach for America. Now Duncan calls for RTTT3 a competitive grant at the district / charter school level. Yea he already palnted his privatization seed with RTTT 1 & 2

    Sorry I don’t get Oliver’s show because I have bear-bones cable.

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  6. Here is the article mentioned above:

    read this about the MIT professor’s studies on the achievement gap and it goes to what we’ve been talking about since early 2009 when the Mass Insight MOU was first floated across the ceiling.

    It is parents and the education environment at home that is first and foremost the gap that needs to be addressed. It is not primarily in the classroom and it is certainly not something that should be painted across the faces of those who struggle to teach in these low income areas.

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