The News Journal Editorial Board shows the world why it has no business offering opinions on Education. #RTTT #DSEA #fail #edreform

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Christina teachers, district must iron out differences | | The News Journal

All the players agree, at least in public, that the idea of making our schools better is for the sake of the children(who doesn’t?).

So far, Delaware’s various interests have been able to come together on that point (100% false: the DOE and Governor along with WSFS CEO and Rodel have pushed an agenda of reform with almost zero meaningful stakeholder input). And it certainly is a big reason why the state was awarded the federal Race to the Top money.(This is correct, and so disappointing)

Part of Delaware’s plan was to identify and then turn around the schools in most need of help.(Yes, but only using Federally prescribed plans based on failed strategies from Chicago which are failing to this day…see Renaissance 2010)

Four schools have been identified. The Department of Education then asked the school administrations and the teachers to come up with turn-around plans (100% false: The DOE asked the district to come up with the plan and for the district to work out a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the teachers to execute whatever plan it created within these four fatally flawed models). The next step is checking the plans and making the schools better. If the plans are unacceptable, the state will step in to fix them.

Two of the schools, so far, are on target (Proof? The fact that DOE says they are OK? The fact that the NJ did not pen an article on their plans? Do you even know how or why their plans have any chance of success?) . Two are not (There is no win here if you would engage in basic rudimentary analysis).

The two that are not (the fact that our Union did not sign is proof positive that they are concerned…with EXCELLENT reasons about the ability of these plans to be successful and treat its educators as professionals) are in the Christina School District. Now, the district’s education association has found fault with the administration’s proposed fix (FALSE: they have simply asked to be respected and if the NJ Ed board would do their job they would ask questions and find answers,,,, I sure do  wish the editorials would aspire to do the work Nichole did to get the story right///AND the administration’s proposed fix is guided once again by four fatally flawed turnaround models, as such, it has innumerable faults).

This is troubling (Why? Because a prominent advertiser at the News Journal is upset?). The Delaware State Education Association has worked closely with the Department of Education (Certainly much closer than they should in many peoples estimation), the school districts and the business community (What in the WORLD are they doing in this space…banks have destroyed our economy and used the SEC to do it!!!!!) in developing a method to better education in the state (says who? you?). The philosophy is a simple one: Teachers want better schools, too. This cooperation works better than the antagonism setting off sparks in neighboring New Jersey (hey hey we agree here!, Christie is a poor leader in education).

We are not privy to the internal differences between the Christina teachers(yet feel compelled to jump in..nevermind…I know why…) and the district administration or where the sticking point is. We do know that it would behoove (why?, a real reason please….why?) both sides to get it right.


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  1. Frederika

    John: I love your commentary. The NJ seems to interject itself into education decision-making almost as much as the business community does.

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