Biddle me this? (or Flunkout Nation) (via School Finance 101)

While I suspect few people have read or seen this post by RiShawn Biddle of Dropout Nation, I felt that it was worth mentioning because it presents such egregiously flawed logic coupled with flat-out factually incorrect and unsubstantiated claims. Sadly, this is what we have come to all too often in the current education reform debate. And this isn’t really about RiShawn Biddle as an individual or his blog and tweets, but rather about the propens … Read More

via School Finance 101


Delaware has a new PR piece on RTTT, wow. #RTTT @RodelDE @GovernorMarkell @nickiedobo

Check out page 51/62: DDOE Organizational Structure……10 People. All good folks no doubt, but at 100K/yr (low estimate) that’s $1MM/yr * 4 years of RTTT  = $4MM/$119MM = 3.36% of Total grant money right off the top not making it to the classroom……now this is what is more commonly known as the “tip” of the iceberg…..often the great majority of mass lies below the water……..