A student’s view of good teaching (via Failing Schools)

This past summer, I was fortunate to be able to capture a really interesting conversation between Andy, a high school student in the Denver metro area, and one of his former teachers. This clip comes from that dialogue. Here, they talk about what he took away from her class. The video is a bit dark (I'm no good at orchestrating light, etc. in other people's homes– it feels so rude!), but his insight shines through nevertheless. The clip is edite … Read More

via Failing Schools


Emphatically Speaking: Am I Back?

Emphatically Speaking: Am I Back?


Am I Back?

Considering my former blog was titled “Down with Absolutes,” I’ve made a calculated effort in the past six years to not include such absolutist language in my vocabulary. Take, for example, the word “never.” I used that word many a time in my previous life. I learned to limit its use in everyday conversation. It’s like taking a multiple-choice test. If you see the word “never” in one of the answers, it’s probably a clue that even the basest process of elimination can remove that option.