News Journal slams teacher compensation program AFTER praising DOE for pick pocketing CSD for 2.4MM for refusal to participate!

Only in Delaware.

Here’s the hilarity:

The News Journal editorial board is truly a circus show. People have been pointing out the failed approach of the DOE on this issue for YEARS.

Rhonda Graham’s final NJ column: Going out on top with one last fact challenged defense of the indefensible Governor.

You just can’t make this crap up

This week, Delaware’s Department of Education had measurably good news about student academics, according to Spokeswoman Alison May: Nine schools made significant gains, allowing those buildings to exit state support programs for low-performing schools.
And this is how they accomplished it – by upping the game on instruction, retargeting the needed resources to strengthen students in subject areas where there was demonstrated weakness.
Or as Gov. Jack Markell explained so well: “With the use of ‘Smart investments’ in the right programs and the leadership of schools that serve our highest need populations can make a difference and help all of our students succeed.”

Smart investments? After 29 years you couldn’t must the intellectual curiosity to see all of the cuts and wasteful spending directives of the last 6 years? Shame on your significantly under-informed editorial posturing. I wish you peace and happiness in your next adventure, but I won’t miss the always wrong headed analysis of education in Delaware that flowed from your pen.

Colonial’s joke of a program gets a joke of an editorial by a joke of a legislator. #bulletproof #whiteboard

August 20, 2014 CBOC Meeting

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So, I decided to start up a blog about my involvement with the Christina School District’s financial operations.  As you can tell from the “Who Am I?” section of my blog, I serve on the District’s Citizen’s Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) and I wanted to create a way to get my experience with CBOC out there in the public without writing status update after status update after status update on Facebook.  So I went back to blogging.  It’s been a number of years since I’ve blogged, so bear with me as I get back into the swing of it.  Without further ado:

Meeting to review the month of July financials for the CSD took place Wednesday August 20, 2014.

This was a pretty easy meeting as far as the financials go.  End of FY2014 and the very beginning of FY2015 left not much to be reviewed in terms of monies…

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Just One Question

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shutterstock_27866770What do you want your public schools to be?

We know public school student achievement isn’t what it should be or could be in Delaware.  We know about the rising influence of charter schools.  But what do we know about making changes to our public schools to improve student achievement?  What should we emphasize?  What should we keep, what should we remove, what should we start doing?  What do you want your public schools to be?

Tonight was the first public workshop for the Christina School District on the subject of an operating referendum (a special election held to approve tax increases to bring in more funding for the schools),  Expect to hear more about it at the upcoming Board of Education public meeting on November 18th.  There was great discussion from members of the District administration, Board of Education, and the Citizens Budget Oversight Committee.  In brief we know…

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