USDOE has undercover agents. Better pay them student loans.

News Journal Shocks Universe with Criticism of DE DoE

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                 News Journal Shocks Universe with Criticism of DE DoE

In this editorial, the Wilmington News Journal, as if coming out of a prolonged coma, finds fault with the DoE’s efforts to incentivize teachers to move to high need schools through their Delaware Teacher Cooperative. The writer claims, “(we are) disappointed, but not surprised” by the lack of enthusiasm with which the program has been received by teachers. Jack and Mark wanted to award select teachers with a $20,000 bonus if they would sign on for a two year stint at a low-performing school. But there were strings attached. Teachers choosing to take the offer would also be ‘rewarded’ with ongoing professional development through the summer, and additional ‘leadership’ roles – both, more work. These opportunities have attracted a total of 9 teachers statewide.

First I will comment on the “disappointed, but not surprised” response by the NJ, and secondly, the…

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News Journal slams teacher compensation program AFTER praising DOE for pick pocketing CSD for 2.4MM for refusal to participate!

Only in Delaware.

Here’s the hilarity:

The News Journal editorial board is truly a circus show. People have been pointing out the failed approach of the DOE on this issue for YEARS.