The Butcher, the banker and the candlestick maker weigh in: Anyone else smell a coordinated attack on public schools by the 1%? These men sure seem to know-it-all…


Mark Murphy declares there is “tremendous support” for Priority Schools State Takeover with a series of lies.

Warning, if you are intolerant of bald faced lies like “we have been working with our districts”, then don’t listen to the above interview. Damn, pathological even.

After listening to it all, I must ask, did you get permission to just stand and deliver these lies from your boss, Mr. Chief for Change?

David Coleman, the Common Core, the “Redesigned” SAT and Growing Public Angst: Is the Testing Craze Ebbing?

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Every teacher in American is engaged in the Common Core, how many have heard of the architect of the Common Core – David Coleman?

In a lengthy article in The Atlantic Dana Goldstein describes the architect,

David Coleman is an idealistic, poetry-loving, controversy-stoking Rhodes Scholar and a former McKinsey consultant who has determined, more than almost anyone else, what kids learn in American schools.

I first heard Coleman in April, 2011, I was sitting with a network, thirty or so principals and staff watching a telecast of what has become the iconic Coleman speech. (Read transcript of the Albany speech here).

Coleman strutted back and forth across a stage laying out in detail the elements of the Common Core, to be honest my attention was beginning to wane; there was a certain smugness about Coleman, and, maybe I knew too much about his past. He had created the “Grow…

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Tommy Lasorda says you may go to Hell if you are not a Dodgers fan

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Tommy Lasorda, that family patriarch that everyone smiles at and respects publicly, but who in all honesty kind of creeps out and/or annoys everyone a lot of the time, took to Twitter following the Dodgers clinching the N.L. West last night:

I suppose it’s just a matter of semantics and phrasing. If he had tweeted “Giants fans can go to hell!” I probably would’ve been approvingly retweeting this as edgy smack talk.


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Video: Yasiel Puig will apparently stop at nothing to destroy the Dodgers’ season

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This guy must be stopped. Before he hurts someone. Or maybe himself. All I know is that he’s unsafe at any speed and the Dodgers will one day pay for his antics.

He also added insult to injury by hitting a home run last night. Does he even realize the damage he’s doing?

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DOE gets its ducks in a row, all off the radar, with almost no support. Check out the comments to the amendments that got approved…

There is a great deal of detail and craziness here, enjoy!